Utorrent SPEED UP TWEAK | Faster Utorrent

First of all, you need to have the bittorrent client named "Utorrent".All other clients like Bitcomet, azureus now known as vuze, Bitlord are not easy to leech the maximum speed your internet connection can deliver. Your can download it at http://filehippo.com . Having faster utorrent speed is completely a RIGHT in my words. Utorrent lets you to get the stuff before even it is in the markets.Now I will tell you how to increase the speed of YOUR utorrent:-

1 . Go to options tab and then click on preferences.

2. Click on " Connection " and type 45682 as port.

3. Click on " Bandwidth" and set 10 as max upload rate." Global connections " as 2329, "max no. of connected peers" as 1890, "no. of upload slots" as 14.

4. Click on "Bittorrent" and set ENABLED on outgoing tab.

5. Click on " Queueing" and set ratio to 10 0.

Source:- http://tacklepc.org


  1. NOT WORKING !! i have broadband speed 100 mb/s but in utorrent its 0.1 and 48 (if i am lucky that day) :/

  2. See HOW many SEEDS are availables
    You have to have more Seeds to fast downloads